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The Villa

Style and design, nature and tradition


Discover the epitome of refined living at Agriturismo TorreBianca, a sanctuary where contemporary design harmonizes seamlessly with the timeless charm of Puglia’s countryside. Our commitment to luxury and comfort is evident in every corner of this architectural masterpiece. As you enter, a symphony of modern aesthetics unfolds, showcasing a celebration of sophisticated design with a nod to traditional craftsmanship. Natural materials like Lecce stone, oak wood, and resin shape stylish interiors, striking a perfect balance between modern sensibilities and authentic craftsmanship.

Step into a world of elegance, where the villa’s spacious living area, adorned with fine fixtures and refined details, bathes in natural light streaming through numerous windows. The kitchen and lounge create an inviting space that effortlessly blends tradition with modernity. Outside, the villa is embraced by the enchanting beauty of centuries-old olive trees and vibrant Mediterranean flora, creating a picturesque haven. The exterior design, a masterful rendition of split stone claddings reminiscent of “dry stone walls,” pays homage to the region’s rural architectural heritage with a contemporary twist. In Puglia, Agriturismo TorreBianca stands as a testament to the perfect union of tradition and modern living, just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Please note that Agriturismo TorreBianca operates exclusively during the warm season, from April 1st to September 30th. We look forward to hosting you in the midst of serene landscapes and unparalleled hospitality.


Discover the charm of the Salento lands


Agriturismo TorreBianca is located in the countryside of Manduria, in northern Salento. Embark on a captivating journey where the heart of southern culture beats in every corner. This enchanting region unveils a kaleidoscope of experiences that beckon the curious traveller. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry, where centuries-old architecture whispers tales of the past. Indulge in the allure of pristine beaches, gazing out over the Ionian Sea, and let the sun-drenched landscapes captivate your senses. Culinary delights await, as the local flavours showcase the region’s gastronomic prowess. From delectable seafood to mouthwatering pasta dishes, every bite is a celebration of Salento’s culinary heritage. And of course, no visit is complete without savouring the renowned Primitivo wine, a velvety nectar that echoes the soul of the sun-soaked vineyards. At Agriturismo TorreBianca, the convergence of history, coastal beauty, and culinary excellence creates an irresistible invitation for those seeking an authentic Italian experience.